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Friday, May 21, 2010

Fullerton Finesse

im finished:

twin stinger exhaust sanded and engine enamel clearcoated
White Tackla grips
new piston rings
new spark plug
rebuilt top-end
new exhaust gasket
new headlight
new chain
straight rear rim
engine enamel
new throttle body
new 17" 250 IRC street tires
smaller drive sprocket
simplified wiring done by yours truly
autozone mini light
dirt bike bars
Chrome EBC front forks
Malossi Multivariator
Dellorto 15.15 SHA carburetor
Polini 4 pedal reed valve
new Throttle cable
new Choke cable
gas tank cleaned, etched and kreem lined
new engine mount spacers
Polini engine spring
sand blasted and stripped frame. clearcoated.
paintjob by yours truly

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