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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


i mean, who doesnt enjoy taking fartsy pictures of abandoned theme parks?

ny is boring and expensive.
if there was anything to spend money on, its food
and good food i ate:

Momofuku noodle bar- pork buns. pretty good
Joes Shanghai- soup dumplings. fucking delish.
The Tuck shop- chook n ham pie yum.
Veselka- perogies yum.
Pomme Frites-yum
Crif Dogs- yum. links to PDT bar
Dumpling Man- meh.
Pies N Thighs- yum
Halal carts- yu-*
Croxley Ales 10 cent chicken wings- awesome
A Salt & Battery- sea bass, pollack, n chips
SEA- thai food. california does better
Caracas cafe- arepas yum.
YUCA bar- paella yum.
Murrays Bagels- there is a manhattan clam chowder and a new england clam chowder. fuck manhattan. they have good bagels though.
Johns Pizzaria super yum.
Atlas Cafe- vegitarian shit. dont get a smoothie here.
some korean bbq that was forgettable
Rice to Riches- rice pudding yum.
Oktafuku- fucking delish. cant describe what the hell it is though

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