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Saturday, March 20, 2010

michael does it again! 200 dollar (running) moped

ive been posting alot of garage pics lately and i know its getting old but these bikes just keep on coming in. its kinda rampant.

i try to keep marcus and angela out of the pic but they are just there all the time, bombing photos. this blog is starting to look like theirs.

anyways, new kid on the block, ive been looking for a second moped cause riding alone just doesnt do it and marcus wanted one cause the peugeot kinda convinced him. if we have two, it also means the girls can ride the second one. I found this in Gardena for 500 but the guy was willing to knock off 300 if i trade him 2 RC cars and one RC plane... none of which i played with within the last year nor gave a shit about.
so yea. i present to you our (marcus and me) 1985 Honda AERO 50

whats great is that its got a variable transmission so it changes gears on its own and im not stuck with a single speed like i am with the peugeot. i could get a variable transmission for the peugeot but thats if i find another 200 burning a hole in my pocket...

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