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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Apple Valley

Simon found a 77 Yamaha DT400 2 stroke for 450 on friday and asked me if i could help him bring the bike back. i thought "of course" until i saw that it was in apple valley which is about 2.5 hours away. being that i am, after all, the most cost effective and quickest option, i struck a deal with him: $100 dollars will include me waking up 6a.m., pick up the bike by 9 a.m. barter, buy, bring it back. it includes my gas.

apple valley is in the middle of fucking nowhere.its one of those places you can see the curvature of the planet if you stare out into the distance. this whole town consists of one street. the road there was pretty scenic though.

she runs!

and THIS is finally happening. im gonna strip down the peugeot and start building it into a respectable looking moped. none of that hipster bullshit. just a clean, humble moped. might upgrade the motor though...

6 bike garage now. (if the moped counts)

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