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Friday, January 22, 2010

iphone attatchment ideas

this is the new brief for this term. design an interface+ the module which will attach to an htc droid, iphone, or blackberry for computing power. the teach ses we all gotta come up with 50 ideas

1.motorcycle helmet- altered reality, hud helmet, wireless phone, infrared cameras and heat signatures, instrument panel
2.combat walkie talkie, maps and location- physical, live information + music, suits with biometric sensors, "chat room" and rescue-satellite phone attatchement
4.emergency beacon
5.heartbeat sensor
6.iphone taser. personal security
7.iphone key. use signals from your phone to start car, get in/out of house, everything- brethalyer - currency?
8.iphone weather station. use the phone as computing and analyzing power for attatchments
9.iphone hunting aid. scope+ calculate range, wind, curvature of the planet.
10.Race telemetry attatchements, beam drivers/cars stats to crew and team
11.iphone mindstorms- LEGO kit + remote control remote control iphone. servos, recievers, motors- entertainment, search rescue, bomb squad.
12. iphone tracker. small, inexpensive signal beacons relay signals to the iphone.
13. iphone sonar- map-track- detect underwater.
14. defibrillator?
15. breathalyzer ------ novelty matchmaker
16. pantone color. scanner. coordinator.
17. altered reality- emergency doctor. a doctor in a remote location can relay messages or perform surgery via bluetooth
18. lie detector microphone, pocket journalist. streetwise. translator. microphone attachment
20. divers telemetry, information.
21. analysis. will read the compounds in a certain material - air - water
22. MEDPACK built to work with a person at the place and a doctor on the video phone live
23. weather station for biologists

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