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Sunday, December 13, 2009

final model

Parts printed from FDM, Plaster, Polyjet HD, Primered with Duplicolor, Painted with Tamiya, then some pieces were clear coated with the UR40 based automotive clear coat. Seat is covered in fabric from a walmart sweater. The Chromatech lettering was done at this small corner shop across the street from whole foods. forgot the name but it wasnt cheap. The base and the clear man was made of 1/4th inch laser cut acrylic and the lettering on it is just tamiya acrylic which was used as a filler in a raster cut on the base.

all in all, the project costed just under 1k. was it worth it? meh.
not really

but in proportion to what the other guys spent, i did all right. Simon Davey, the other guy in class who did a bike was in about 600, Stephan, the guy you see doing the creeper is in about 800 and the most expensive is nelson, the one with the opaque, clothing rack, he got his done in SLS print for 2k.

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