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Sunday, December 13, 2009

the presentation & the competition

so the class theme was "products on wheels" as long as the wheel was a big part of it, we could do it. we do research, we learn about our market, see if there is one, we address the problems, we design for them and we style the products to suit the user needs and at the end of the term, we build the products to a scale or full size, whatevers reasonable and we have to present the products and ourselves as if we were marketing the product to a live board of executives to see if my product is profitable.

so we got two people doing rollerblades, two doing baby strollers, one guy with a golf trolley, on person with a creeper, and two people doing bicycles. we also had a girl named katie doing a travel bag but i decided not to take a picture cause her project was simply horrid. Frido, our teacher hacked her into emotional pieces for it too so, yea.

meet Fridolin Beisert
this is our instructor, professor, teacher, whatever you wanna call him.

his alter ego? DJ FRIDO

but seriously, hes a great teacher. apparently, at one point in his life, he was a dj.

in anycase, heres the presentation pics

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