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Monday, April 13, 2009

this is the culmination of the past 3 months:

.25" aluminum center plates cut @ charisma design studios

this lamp looked like garbage but someone mentioned to me that nothing looks bad after its been dipped in plasti-dip so i got a 60$ can of red.

thats it on the left. the white thing on the right is the steel water-jet cut magazine rack- cutting then bending steel like that is the biggest waste of time and money ever (painted montana white). and below the lamp is the unfinished led clock.

the very first concept sketch

frame work

a potato cannon we built for gaylords class

alex jiangs penta chandelier

and the moment we've been all waiting for,
the medusae candelier.

this is on the ground, i havnt hoisted them up at the sinclaire pavillion yet. ill take pictures later when i do.

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