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Saturday, April 17, 2010


im not done yet. need to deal with a few odds n ends but this peugeot is pretty much there. i got white tackla grips sitting in the back but they are not going on until i decide whether i want front brakes or not.

wondering how i got that kind of spit shine on a vintage tailight? its glass.
40s pre-plastic tailight

did the math, its 700 bucks for a 70cc engine upgrade. screw that, im gonna sell this thing for a grand and get me a mb5 instead. dual exhausts, you like?

here, im gonna achieve maximum returns on minimum craftsmanship. i WAS gonna keep this thing until i realized what a waste of money this is if i can get a puch and do the same thing for way cheaper. better yet, i can buy a derbi gpr50 or a honda mb5 to a much better effect for the price. this is where i realize, maybe im not gonna have this professionally sand blasted (wire wheel and aircraft stripper), or have it spray gun clear coated (montana rattle can on bare metal. no primer) or get that awesome new cdi (stock points sanded and tuned with 800 grit sandpaper, new neck bearings (off an old peugeot bicycle- seems to fit), new rims old ones, rattle can engine enamel black), brooks saddle (just the luggage rack turned backwards), engine upgrade (just new rings and the head and cylinder painted black. the cylinder has a bad gash in it massive power loss im sure), new rear shocks (old ones, paint stripped, steel wooled then painted and clear coated) blah blah blah. im gonna sell this thing the second im done. asap.

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