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Friday, April 9, 2010

all we do

remember my piece of shit peugeot 103? the one i picked up from some highschooler for $180?

500 bucks later, coming soon...

marcus's race CB350

358 big bore kit
mikuni vm 30 carbs
vw pea shooter pipes
RC car batteries
avon tires
shaved frame
clip ons
cb750 rear shocks
cb360 front forks
few of the things coming in for this bike. complete ground-up restore.

currently loading up the clay for the seat so we can carve out a good shape. when formed, we are gonna spray it with shellac, parting agent then make a plaster cast that we will gel coat, then fiberglass.

yea, he's planning on racing this bike

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Jimmy Chorng said...

do you guys have extra CB350 headers?