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Monday, February 22, 2010

XXX Kustoms

i cut a deal with a guy in santa fe, i give him my amen, springers and all cept my seat and engine + my beloved 79 CB750

and in return, he will build a bobber for me with the engine i have. a pretty decent deal if you ask me.

especially cause he is doing this out of his shop which is mainly for hot rods but he does bikes too. mainly american iron but jap bikes on occasion. seemed pretty legit to me.

before the trade, he told me he would outright trade eye for an eye for parts, but then i saw that he ran a shop so i asked him how much it would be to have him chop my frame into a better stance. said 300 which sounds pretty good to me so i asked him a step further and in the end came to the idea that id outright give him my 750 and my amen+all the parts and he will give me his frame+ modify rebuild and paint a running bike for me using the 836cc engine i have sitting in the garage.

he asked me for a portfolio of the bikes i have in mind.
this is what im gonna give him send me pictures if you guys have something better in mind: