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Saturday, January 2, 2010

i shoulda took my camera to the pre parade

winter rides.

Theandrews 1969 CB125s. allegedly found in a grandmothers garage who decided to litterally shrink wrap the entire bike until her son came back home. dunno abut the son but theandrew found it and offered 800 for it. sold. the bikes immaculate. no pitting. no rust. all original everything with just under 100 miles on it. including the original factory tires. the only thing bad is the plastic side covers are so old, they crack and the all the rubber parts are crumbling from age. in anycase, enthusiast on the street offer him 3k for it regularly.

above the bloodbath sister store


BlogTV said...

Olá, conheça meu novo blog:

Marcus Quach said...

Lovin' that first photo mike, shit came out super nice