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Monday, November 9, 2009

chuggachuggachugga woo! woo!

with 4 weeks left, i dont have the luxury of building this full scale. gonna try to build a half scale model. 3ft in length. the teach is laggin on us and wont finalize my designs. i agree, not the best but i got 4 weeks left so i just went ahead and made the wheels. cant go wrong on that. the wheels still have tweaking to do but this is what i got after 14 hours.

yes. those are supposed to be drum brakes

heres my new frame. its much more aggressive with smaller wheels and a longer wheelbase. the frame is much more slender than before and is sloped further to make it directional. i cant offload weight to the front end becuase it wouldnt make sense when it folds so i opted to widen the front forks and "point" the frame foward. to lessen the whole industrial look everyones been complanin about, i made the truss treatment much more abstract and i gave the seat a bit of an organic element which is also functional really cause you could slip and nut yourself on the frame. ill post a rendering once im done with it.

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you deserve a prize
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