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Saturday, October 3, 2009


jimmy and I decided to go ahead and wrap our headers today. let me tell you something about exhaust wrap; This shit is fiberglass. i did not know that. i did not realize that until the sunlight struck the air in front of me while i was wrapping and i saw all the tiny twinkles of fiberglass floating in the air, embedding themselves in my skin. If i had to guess, id suppose this is what having syphilis feels like. it fucking itches.

on the other hand, im pretty satisfied at how it all turned out. jimmys looks better cause he got that graphite wrap and i got the el cheapo 15 dollar white wrap.
darcys evolved pretty nicely since the last pic. jimmy decided he wants the cafe seat on it, the rear tailights were mounted, and we cut and bolted the MC offset pipes finally. no pipes look cooler than cl350 pipes.

together with the velocity stacks, darcy is starting to look the look.

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