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Monday, October 26, 2009

the DODO

whilst eveyone is dropping some serious green on this project, i decided to try to stay under a hundred bucks and make a quirky cute lil thing that will get me an A and i wont give a fuck about when it breaks.

i present to you the dodo.

-to save weight, the entire thing is a truss frame
-super light also means im not gonna have to buy a new brushless motor.
-really simple and minimal components, means light and less shit to go wrong.
-propeller driven. no drive shafts. no torque converters. no transmission. no gears. just propeller
-one wheel to steer. two components.
-i beleive its about 8 cubic inches of fdm material. means im not wasting my time in the model shop trying to save money using other materials, means this shit is done and over with in 1 week, and at worst, only 80 bucks. the cheapest solid modeling final ever.

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