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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

something about jenny

i just had an epiphany. it turns out this moped is very much reliable and is full of potential. rather than cheat someone out of 300 bucks, i think im gonna cannibalize off of this and make both my final project and my dads moped out of jenny. a functional final. this is gonna be fucking awesome when its done.

this is all made possible thanks to:
hipsters in frisco who have made a pretty damn good site with a pretty comprehensive list of parts i need, dirt cheap.

i got all the tools ill ever need, dad knows everything there is to know about fixing 2 cycles AND he wants this moped which means he has no qualms about participating in this project and investing in it.

this is perfect.

in other news, i registered my CB750. how much you ask? 103 dollars much. 600+103+30 for turn signals.

$733 the cheapest street-legal CB750 in this condition. ever.

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