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Thursday, September 17, 2009

peugeot 103

my professor required that we all perform whatever action the products we are designing are intended for; so that we know/have the right to design what we are trying to design. so the guy designing robotic lawnmowers has to go mow some lawns, the guy making off-road roller blades has to go roller skating for a week, and I, they guy making a motorized bicycle, has to go ride a motorized bicycle.


i bought this:

a 197o-sumthin Peugeot 103 moped.
from some greasy highschooler who posted it on craigslist for 250. I bartered him to 190 and took her home the same day i spotted the listing.
the best part: SHE RUNS!!!

and its awesome, you have to peddle her like a bicycle then give her gas, once you get up to speed, she starts right up and off you go. when you go up steep hills you gotta peddle again but its not that bad.

1 comment:

Jesse Chorng said...

dude, no.

under that logic, you, the dude making a motorized bicycle should just ride a bicycle