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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Darcy: through the year(s)

before i start, buy modest mouse's new album.
and yes i know, these pictures are fucked.

not quite sure when we( bought darcy but i think we bought her just before school started which means she happened about july of 2007, a hundred dollars on my behalf and another from jimmy purchased Darcy in the most fucked condition imaginable. That means she came with a cracked frame, a frozen engine, no keys, no muffler, no pipes, rusted tank, no title, all rubber components hardened and dried, bent shocks, worn chain, rusted through batter box, ruined seat, and well, it was just one of the dumbest ways to start a motorcycle project. in retrospect, she was not worth 200 at all. at. all. if i wasnt such a jew, we could of found a much more promising bike for another hundred dollars. but in any case, given a year jimmy and i mustered enough parts to put her together. we were also lucky that my car just so happens to fit the bike snugly so that takes care of shipping. i did a few things before i got to the engine (kreme tank, weld, de-rust, prime, paint, clean carbs, replace gaskets, replace rubber) where i figured out after another year, a. i am no bike mechanic. b. i dont have any tools.

so we gave it to a russian in west hollywood to do the hardcore shit. and now shes back. i made a seat of jimmys choice (perforated white leather), put it on. and voila. we are still missing tail lights and a plate.
going to motorcycle school on thursday.

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