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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

darcy so far.

cafe racer project costs:

bike: 100
3rd engine+frame:200
many, many, many, many ebay items+shipping: 486 (chains, mirrors, plate holders, rear lights, grips, cleaning kits, manual, velocity stacks, seals, gaskets.)
misc. tools:15 (split for an impact wrench and bits)
28 fabric + 30 seat foam: 58

859 (rounded up)

2nd engine+electrical harness+front forks+ fenders: 250
carb rebuild kit+screw set + shipping: 130
wd 40, simple green, penetrating oil, marvel oil, carb cleaner,acid, flat black, primer, sanding pads: 80
torrance(gas tank, front forks, mufflers, exhaust mounts, handle bar mounts: 60
misc tools: 15 (split for an impact wrench and bits)
finish masters auto paint: $40

675 (rounded up)

(shit that doesnt count):
gas money: 3 trips to azusa, 1 to long beach, 1 to la, 1 to stanton, 2 to torrance, 1 to glendora, 2 to west hollywood

shit we will have left
2 engines (100)
1 motorcycle frame (25)
1 set of wheels (10)
3 front forks (30)
2 electrical harnesses (30)
1 gas tank (20)
2 carbs (50)
1 head light assembly (20)
1 petcock (10)
1set of fenders (15)
1 set of oem foot pegs (20)
1 rectifier (5)
and a bunch of extra shit im sure someone will take for about 50 bucks. (50)


Moose said...

hey mike it's Cameron. I decided to get one of these blogs and saw yours via friends of friends.

I was wondering how much you would take for those parts you said you had leftover that would almost build another 350 twin?

Moose said...

this is my cell number 714 889 8442 you can text that if you want.