work is the curse of the drinking classes

Thursday, January 1, 2009

shit i would say if it was appropriate. but never do cause it never is:

1. yea. i know. i got the fucking idea. quit reminding me. i quit when i feel like it.

2. no i have not. thats why im not talking. cause i wasnt a part of any of this at the time. and i regret it. but (insert vanilla sky quote). and i wasnt invited. you asshole. just kidding. your not an asshole. but i still wasnt invited.

3. (an action i saw from an appropriate movie which the actor performed superbly but i dont think i can follow)

4. i just wanna paint.

5. man. thats just. unethical?

6. i'd __________ (but i took too long deciding whether to or not)

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