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Thursday, January 22, 2009

leica style for panasonic money.

are 1400 on amazon 600 on ebay. the temptation

and black versions of these on ebay for bout 500.
cept i think the first one is probably the higher quality camera.
if i only had the money....

i could. i should. i might.
should i?
2786mi/21mpg (given i drive in excess of 55mph- 55 being the most efficient speed for the element)= 132.67 gallons X $2.30 per gallon (general cost of gas) = $305.13 in gas money.
definitely not cheaper. but the fun factor.....

if you look carefully, theres a luge in the picture.

what i mean by "emotionally" designed is this.
it wraps around and molds to the driver and you could almost see where the wind would flare and move around the entire body. you know if it looks fast when you have the urge to start making your own sound effects every time you look a it.
the form is just beautiful.

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