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Friday, January 30, 2009

chandelier project

what to remember

pick a setting
match the setting
pick a theme
stay within its bounds
set one goal which your supposed to acheive
do your research until you have an idea of high design
make it personal
have a reason for everything

make sure the light bulb cannot be seen directly
make sure everything looks professional and clean
bad artist copy, good artist steal
do something clever with the light: it isnt "just" a lamp
no shame in developing someone elses idea, so long as you make it substantially better.

this lamp isnt an original idea, its from the 60s, 50s? 70s? somewhere there, i fergot who but its considered a landmark design. the concept, the color is still the same but just applied to a wall so it makes "light pedals" on the wall too.
still awesome.

this one reminds me of sunshine.
capa testing the bomb.
id buy it just cause of that.

good stuff.

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