work is the curse of the drinking classes

Friday, December 12, 2008


if the day was an etch-a-sketch,
id shake this fucker up and erase it all.

if there ever was one bit of advice my dad told me, that ever stuck- never failed, its that if you cant do what everyone else cant do,
do what everyone else wont do- then make them like it.
throw a show.


i tossed it.

speedform presentation-
gallery quality but administrative frivolity

and the warehouse thing?
not my cup o tea but i think ill just mosey on by and see whats happenin.


Michelle said...

That acrylic rose is neat, Michael!
Was that just for fun or was it for an assignment?

mikekim said...

it was an assignment i wasnt taking very seriously. so, i guess it makes it half n half?