work is the curse of the drinking classes

Friday, November 21, 2008

sad, a little funny, a little sadistic: somewhere in florida

todays news:

members of his virtual audience encouraged him to do it, tried to talk him out of it, discussed whether he was taking a dose big enough... breathing for a few hours others cracked jokes. As police entered the room, the audience's reaction shorthand: "Oh, my God." knowing what they were seeing, not caring, wrote "hahahah."

today, i finished my first pack in the course of 12 hours. no lie. ive had an all nighter every thursday and sunday consistently since week one of this term. beer in 202 every thursday followed by a quadruple shot latte from starbucks and then arizona tea for the rest of the night, listerine before class, egg muffin from the cafeteria then a shit, sleep from 2pm to 5pm then the day starts all over again.

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