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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

the cameras doing it again

i saw dream yesterday night. and i wrote this down as soon as i woke up.
exactly as i recall:
found a tunnel down in an alley way and i had to squeeze myself in and as i was doing so, a cop saw me. fell into a small room or vault? man-made cave? split into two compartments by a very short brick wall. cant recall what one compartment had. just a bunch of old cloths and pots n pans. but the other had an array of ammo boxes, a dremel box (empty) and few other boxes that appeared to have antiques or something of value. i looked in the first ammo box. it had a old painting of a soldier from the 1800s. had something written over the face in black marker but i dont remember what. i put the painting down and headed towards a second box, during which time i saw a sign that said "stainless steel isnt quality steel anymore" and then i woke up.
what the hell was that supposed to mean?

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