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Saturday, November 8, 2008

i know, i know, it looks like a vagina, shut up.

i got scolded for having a piss poor signature on my product sketches so here's my new one:

its a final proto. if i cant think of any way to change it more, im gonna laser cut it, lathe a wood stamp and make this my signature forever.

i did it with gouache black the same way anyone would when they make a rorschach pattern. paper-apply-fold.
and that odd letter in the middle is supposed to be a "E" but i thought it looked like a bull skull so i lowered it a lil to make it look like the nasal cavity. kinda hard to see though. but i suppose thats cool cause its a rorschach pattern, your supposed to see different shit.

like a cow skull, a crown, a trident.... a vagina...

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